Evelyn Vale
PC or NPC Player Character
Age 19
Gender Female
Alignment Chaotic Good
Height 5'3"
Weight 128lbs
Hair Silver
Eyes Amber
Skin Light


Evelyn Vale is slender and athletic, with the poise and grace of a trained dancer or acrobat. She has silver hair, tied back in a ponytail, and wide amber eyes. She keeps a mask tied across the bottom half of her face, and wears greys and browns along with her leather armor.


Evelyn (or Eve, as she prefers to be called) is cheerful and strong-willed, with a tendency to rush into things. She enjoys challenges, especially physical ones, and has hurt herself several times trying to do something at the very edge of her abilities. She is both proud and vain. Eve likes money quite a bit, and could probably be persuaded to do bad things for the right price, but at her heart she is trying to be a good person. She prefers to avoid the spotlight, chosing to avoid recognition for the most part, but will often get angry if someone else claims credit for her work (unless its something she's being accused of).


Evelyn is the second daughter of a successful adventuring mage, Taleon Vale, and his wife Kira. Taleon retired from adventuring after meeting Kira and falling deeply in love with her, and settled down to a happy life, working at a university of magic. Life was pleasant for quite some time. Taleon had amassed a small fortune in wealth while adventuring, and he enjoyed teaching. They had their daughters at this time, Sabine after being retired for three years, and Evelyn four years later.

Unfortunately, when Eve was about twelve, Kira died of a wasting illness. Her father changed, becoming obsessed with finding magic to bring her back. He left the university and began to ignore his family, locking himself into his laboratories for days at a time and burning the family fortune with expensive rituals and components. He became erratic, occasionally even abusing his family. The sisters were instead raised by a family friend, Halleck Varisel, or "Uncle Halleck" as they called him. He was no blood relative, but was one of Taleon's fellow adventurers. Halleck was also a skilled ninja; he taught Evelyn everything she knows.

Sabine became increasingly angry and rebellious with their father, fighting with him several times. When she finally threw down an ultimatum, Taleon forced her to leave, but not before placing a geas on her to not approach or talk to her sister, or come near the house. She hasn't seen her in four years, but they would occasionally send each other letters.

Meanwhile, Taleon became more and more dangerous. He would put Eve's talents to use, making her steal magical components- some valuable, others merely strange. Finally, when she was eighteen, he thought he discovered what he needed for the ritual: the blood of the mother, through the sacrifice of her daughter. Evelyn fought back, and in the struggle she stabbed him through the heart. Horrified, she fled the city, not telling anyone (including Uncle Halleck). Running from that past, she went adventuring, eventually finding her way to the frontiers.

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