Dr. Veran D'Zavil
PC or NPC Player Character
Race Human
Full Name Doctor Veran Caedrin d'Zavil
Born Veran Caedrin d'Zavil in Rathford, Fliatos
Age 32
Gender Male
Alignment True Neutral
Pacts Astaphaios
Height 5'11"
Weight 153 lbs.
Hair Dark Brown and Grey
Eyes Light Green
Skin Light Tan


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Veran was born the son of Bishop Syrus L. d'Zavil and his second wife, Darena in the small town of Rothford, just outside Fliatos.


Born into the wealth befitting the son of a high-ranking bishop, Veran was greatly privileged with a lavish education and general lifestyle from an early age. While not quite a prince, he was afforded private tutors in his countryside home, who constantly drilled him on proper operation within polite society and esoteric knowledge that the boy could not imagine ever having any practical use. Shortly before his seventh birthday, he experienced his first contact with death as his mother passed away for reasons that were never fully explained to him. This marked a turning point in his life, resulting in a turn inwards and an intensified focus on his studies. He proved himself to be quite the prodigy in time, mastering many difficult subjects in a few months that took many several years to fully understand. The cost, however, was his disconnection from the outside world. Veran seldom left the house in the long months following his mother's death, devoting most of his waking hours to reading and ever-longer tutoring sessions.


Sometime during his ninth year of life, a great panic swept over the town outside his family manor and the world beyond. When the moon swallowed the sun, whispers of cataclysm and the end of times prompted Syrus to push his plans forwards. He had always planned to groom his son to become a successful clergyman like himself, but the pressing disorder and his son's worryingly darkened disposition moved things ahead prematurely. And so Veran was sent on his tenth birthday to Iterum to live with a family friend and study as a deacon. His guardian's son, Garthus Thiel, was quiet jealous of the money and prestige being thrown at his scion roommate, but over the months the grew to be the best of friends. In the years of his coming of age, he slowly grew jaded with the disarray of the church, coming to prefer exploring the streets over eschewable classes, while Garthus made due with what learning was available to him. As Veran closed in on becoming a true priest (in spite of his efforts to the contrary), the elder Garthus announced that he was traveling to Galeris to study the arts. Crushed by his companion's departure, Veran ran off only a year after, on his 17th birthday and only a week before his graduation, taking his father's money that would have jump started his religious career and packing for the City of Scholars.

In GalerisEdit

After getting off of the airship, Veran had great difficulty finding Garthus. Additionally, his wealth, while considerable, would not sustain him forever without income. Just when he was about to give in to despair and return home, nearly a month after fleeing the weight of his father's expectations, Garthus contacted him via a messenger, summoning to the South Galeris Academy of Medicine. Initially, Veran's friend was furious, offering him only a passage back home. But, after some convincing, Veran managed to persuade him that he had the right to follow his own path, even if it was out of scorn for a well meaning parent, and rather aimlessly in the footsteps of another.

It only dumbfounded Garthus further that the errant d'Zavil had no desire to finish his priestly scholarship with so little left to do. The principle reason for his departure to Galeris was, after all, just that: jealousy of Veran's wealth-fueled learning. Garthus demanded that Veran return to Iterum, to return to the life that had been so generously paved for him, even going far as to pay for his ticket home, but Veran refused. It took some convincing, but ultimately Veran managed to sway his friend with a speech on a man's right to choose his own path, even if that meant spiting a father who had given the world and rather aimlessly following in the footsteps of another instead.

Veran, deciding that devoting oneself to healing others was probably the most noble calling imaginable, took the entrance exam the next week. He passed with flying colors, and astonished the board of interviewers with considerable knowledge of the natural and supernatural world for a man so young. Garthus and Veran had many misadventures together, but it turned out Veran was an excellent student when it came to a subject that he was passionate about, taking his studies very seriously, taking a comparitvely short five years to complete his learning.

As a DoctorEdit




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